Power-Con Electronics Corporation (PCEC) was established in 1997 and a leading power electronic product provider in ITE, Telecom, Communication, Industrial, Medical, Military and IoT application fields.


Power-Con’s headquarter & facility is in Taoyuan city, Taiwan and ISO9001 & AS9100 certified. Power-Con is also an approved military power product vendor by National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST).


Main Product Scope


Military Power Supplies up to 18,000W and MIL-STD-810E/ 461G approved; Main applications: Shipboard/ Vehicle Communication Systems/ Radar Data Processors/ Antenna Systems/ MIL-SPEC PCs/ Missile Launcher Systems..etc


Telecommunication Power Supplies up to 2020W; Main applications: VCS/ BEX-VPX/ Broadband Telecom Systems/ IP Network/ Security Communication Systems..etc 


Industrial Power Supplies up to 1000W+1000W RedundancyMain applications: Factory Central Controllers/ Power Amplifier Equipment..etc


LED Power Supplies up to 320 W and built-in Blue Tooth 5.0/ 1~10V/ PWM/ Resistor dimming and programmable timing control. Main applications: LED Traffic Signal Lamps/ Illumination Devices/ Display Systems..etc


Battery Back-up Power Supplies up to 204 W with built-in Canbus Micro-Processor controlled. Main applications: Smart City Application (Intelligent Street Lighting + IoT Controls + 5G Cell Energy Storage System)/ Feeder Remote Terminal Unit..etc


Medical Power Supplies up to 500W and comply with ES60601-1 standard and classified by Open Frame/ Desktop / Wall-Mount / Plug-Changeable Type of configurations.


Custom Power Capability


Customer-specific power solutions are maintained under strict revision control and are clearly defined by their specifications and assembly drawings. Close attention is paid to designing a product fit for purpose, ensuring conformance to the relevant industry and safety standards as well as conformance to EMI, EMC and harmonic distortion levels.


  • Mechanical & Electrical Design
    • 3D-model
    • Thermal, stress simulation
    • Environmentally sealed units
    • I2C interface
    • Embedded MCU/DSP based design
    • Compliance with defense specifications


  • PCB Design & Software Programming
    • PCB modeling & layout
    • In-house software / firmware development
    • Serial bus interfaces - I2C & RS485
    • Firmware functionality
      - CANBus
      - Battery charging
      - Power supply alarm and control


  • Safety Compliance, Quality & Testing
    • IT, industrial and medical safety standards
    • MIL-STD-461G EMC compliance
    • 100% parametric DVT testing


Our 3 phase input power supplies are designed to operate from a variety of global 3 phase sources, including 208VAC, 380/400/415VAC and 480VAC. 


We design and manufacture cost effective application specific solutions that meet your electrical, mechanical, safety, EMC and thermal management requirements, while ensuring a fast time to market.


AS9100 Certified Custom Military Power


Power solutions for Defense & Avionics systems must comply with a wide range of challenging technical and logistical requirements to be installed and operated reliably in these demanding mission critical, land sea and air platforms. MIL-STD-461G is a military standard that establishes electromagnetic interference (EMI) limits and test procedures for military equipment.


Power supplies used by the military may be similar to those used in other industries, but the demands of military operations require increased ruggedness, durability, and reliability. Supplies and devices must be able to perform seamlessly in a variety of intense climates and harsh terrains. They must also be able to ensure long cycles of use with minimal maintenance. Our engineering and project management teams are experts in this area to Increase Efficiency, Quality and Performance Throughout The Aerospace Supply Chain.


Today we are proud to offer an extensive line of power products to our global customer base that serve the consumer, IoT, industrial, and medical industries.

We know the important role power plays in a design and that each customers’ needs vary; whether it is providing accessible product data and resources, cost effective options, or the latest products that meet global regulations.


Whether it's a standard or custom design, Power-Con is committed in delivering the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective power supply solution to meet the needs of world-class companies. Making Power-Con is "Your Excellent Power Solution Partner"!! 






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