LED Power Supplies ranging from 1 Watt to 600 Watts.
Common applications are LED Traffic Signal Lamps, LED Illumination Devices, LED Display Boards/Systems, etc.


Telecom/Communication Power Supplies ranging from 10 Watts to 1290 Watts.

Common applications are VCS Telecom Systems, BEX-VPX Telecom Systems, Broadband Telecom Systems of ATM Technology, ADSL Telecom Systems, IP Network Communication Systems, Security Communication Systems, etc.


Military Power Supplies ranging from 10 Watts to 15,000 Watts, from 1 to 14 outputs, from 0 to 220 Amperes.
Common applications are Shipboard Communication Systems, Radar Data Processors, Rugged PCs, MIL-SPEC PCs, Vehicle Communication Systems, Radar Antenna Systems, Missile Launcher Systems, etc.

Industrial Power Supplies ranging from 10 Watts to 4340 Watts, from 1 output to 16 output selections available.
Common applications are Factory Central Controllers, Power Amplifier Equipments, etc.


Commercial Power Supplies ranging from 10 Watts to 500 Watts.
Common applications are Set Top Boxes, Cash Register/POS Systems, IPCs for ATM System, etc.


High Voltage Power Supplies ranging from 10 Watts to 400 Watts, from 150 VDC to 10K VDC.
Main application is Medical Instruments.


Battery Chargers ranging from 10 Watts to 348 Watts.
Common applications are Lead-Acid Batteries for Electric Motorcycle, Ni-Cd Batteries for Electric Bicycle, etc.









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